Internships List

For students interested in internships

Over the past few years I’ve been gradually compiling a list of various internships with international NGOs, multi-national organizations, and the U.S. government. Some of these internships can also be based at U.S. offices. There are other internship search engines out there (check out, but this document may be useful to browse as well. I’ve included brief information about the organizations, eligibility, deadlines etc. Some of this information may be out of date, but you can double check on the organizations’ main websites. Depending on your student status, you may want to look closely at the *job* opportunities with these organizations. Hope this is helpful! Click here: Internships Guide – Jan 2016 Update

Note that I’ve grouped the various internship opportunities into the following general categories:

  • Development Issues/Humanitarianism
  • Refugees/Migrants/Displaced
  • Social Justice/Human Rights
  • Peacebuilding/Conflict Resolution
  • Women & Development/Women’s Rights/Children’s Issues
  • Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Environemntal Issues
  • International Law
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Policy Institutions/Centers/Think Tanks
  • Other